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HABRICX, DOMINICUS. Tractatus De S. Scripturae prolegomenis dictatus a R.P. Dominico Habrix in Alma Universitate Lovaniensi S. Theol. licen. &c. No place, no date. (Probably before 1730) 159,(23),(30 blank) p. Vellum 17 cm (Details: Manuscript, very clear hand, and very legible. Short title in ink on the back: 'S. Scripturae Prolegomena'. 5 thongs laced through the joints) (Condition: Binding soiled. A straight cut of 7 cm in the vellum of the front board, a minute piece of the vellum of the back, 0,5x0,5 cm, gone. It looks as if a former owner has tried to lacerate the front board several times with a blunt object. A small and not objectionable wormhole at the lower edge, sometimes nibbling at a letter) (Note: Early 18th century manuscript of an anonymus, written in Latin, and in a clear and legible hand. The recto and verso sides of the pages have been inscribed. The last 23 pages are used for: 'Expositio Distinctionum Theologicarum, A-D'. § Dominicus Habricx was a Dominican theologian and professor at the Seminarium of Roermond in the region of Limburg. He was born in 1687 in the city of Roermond, and in 1708 he received at Maastricht the Dominican habit. He studied theology at the University of Leuven, where he also took his degree, and became a 'licentiatus', which gave him the licence to teach (Licentia docendi). In 1720 he was appointed professor at the monastery in Liege, and in 1726 regent of the Episcopal Seminary in Roermond. In 1730 he became a so-called controverse-preacher to Maastricht, delivering with success polemical sermons. He died in 1748. The manuscripts of the theological lectures he held in Liège, fill three volumes and were held at the beginning of the 20th century by the library of the monastery at Maastricht. (NNBW 1,1013) (Photographs on request)
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