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BUSCH,W. Chlodwichs Alamannenschlacht. (And:) Chlodwichs Alamannenschlacht, Zweiter Teil. M. Gladbach, Schellmann, 1894 - 1895. 25;37 p. No wrappers 25 cm (Programm, Gymnasium zu München Gladbach 1894 and 1895) (This battle took place 496/497 or 507)(Title of second part almost loose)
Book number: 116563 Euro 19.00

Keywords: Alamannen, Alamanni, Altertum, Antike, Antiquity, Chlodovech, Chlodwig, Clovis, France, Francs, Franken, Frankreich, Gallia, Gallien, Germania, Germany, Merovingians, Merowinger, Middle Ages
€ 19,00


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