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BODECHER BENNING,J. Jani Bodecheri Benningii Satyricon in corruptae juventutis mores corruptos. Accedunt Oratio inauguralis, et sermones tres. Leiden (Lugduni Batavorum), Ex officina Joannis Maire, 1681. Leiden, ex officina J. Maire, 1631. 12mo. (20),176 (recte 178),(1) p. 18th century grey paper wrappers. 13 cm (Ref: Breugelmans, 1631,3) (Details: Woodcut printer's mark on the title, depicting a farmer stamping a shovel into the ground, above the head of the farmer the motto 'fac et spera') (Condition: Paper on the back partly gone; small number stamp on the title; small withdrawal stamp on verso of title; paper yellowing) (Note: Johannes Bodecheer (also Bodecher) Benning was born in 1602. He finished his studies at the University of Leiden, and was in 1629 appointed 'professor extraordinarius' in Ethics for 300 guilders. The next year he received 500. In 1635 the curators of the University, who obviously were very satisfied with him, hired him also as 'extraordinarius' in Physics, wages 800. However, in 1640 this promising young professor went insane, after a trip to Brasil. He died in 1642. Shortly after his appointment in 1629, Bodecher Benning published this Satire, in which he criticizes the mores and shortcomings of students. The publication led to a riot during his lectures. The Senate of the University had to interfere, and condemned the behaviour of the students, but also the tenor of the Satire. (NNBW 4,178/79) After the Satire has been added the inaugural lecture of 1629: 'Oratio inauguralis vitam quae in actione constitit speculativae proponens'. At the end 3 neolatin poems, called 'sermones', among which a eulogy for the famous Gerardus Johannes Vossius, 1577-1649. In 1634 Benning published a tragedy 'Dido oft Heylloose Minnetocht' in the manner of Seneca. In his 'Goude Muntgodin' he criticized love for money) (Provenance: On the verso of the title a stamp of the 'Koninklijke Bibliotheek te 's-Hage', and a withdrawal stamp: 'Verwijderd K.B.') (Collation: *12 (minus the blank leaves *11 & *12), A-G12 (leaf F12 verso blank), H6 (leaf H6 verso blank) See for the construction of the first gathering, Breugelmans. He offers the following complicated solution: *12, *4-8 signed *2-6, which gives: (1)-(IV): blank, (V): title page, (VI) blank, (VII-XXIV): praefatio)) (Photographs on request)
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Keywords: (Oude Druk), (Rare Books), Dutch history, Dutch literature, Leiden University, Neolatin poetry, Neulateinische Dichtkunst, Niederländische Literatur, Philosophie, University of Leiden, Universität Leiden, niederländische Geschichte, philosophy
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