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AELIANUS. Aeliani Variae Historiae libri XIIII. Item Rerumpublicarum descriptiones ex Heraclide, interprete Iusto Vulteio Wetterano. Editio postrema, ad Graecum exemplar, multo quam antehac emendatius, nunc denuo quam diligentissime recognita. N.pl. (Geneva), Apud Ioan. Tornaesium, 1600. 12mo. 224,(16 index) p. Vellum 12 cm (Ref: cf. GLN-4111. Not in Hoffmann, Brunet, Ebert, Graesse, Dibdin, Moss, and even not in in Cartier 'Bibliographie des éditions des De Tournes') (Details: 2 thongs laced through the joints. Gilt title shield on the spine. Title with woodcut garland borders. Edges dyed red. § Latin translation only) (Condition: Four not objectionable pinpoint holes near the rear joint of the spine) (Note: The best known work of Claudius Aelianus, A.D. 170-235, is his 'Variae Historiae', a collection of excerpts and anecdotes of a moralizing nature, dealing with human life and history. The Suda mentions Aelianus' reputation of Attic purity. His works were much used by Christian writers. The publishing firm of the De Tournes in Lyon, and later Geneva, produced in 60 years at least 10 (pocket) editions of Aelianus' 'Variae Historiae'. The first 4 editions of De Tournes, (1553, 1558, 1567, 1577) contain the Latin translation of Justus Vulteius (or Vultejus) only. This remained the standard translation for long time. (Neue Pauly Suppl. 2, p. 7) The last 6 editions (1587, 1604, 1600, 1610, 1612, 1613) contain the Greek text (published previously by Conrad Gesner in 1566) with the facing translation of Vulteius. The German philologist and paedagogus Justus Vultejus, 1529-1574, studied in Wittenberg under Melanchthon. In Basel he translated in 1548 for the publisher Johannes Oporinus the 'Variae Historiae' for the first time into Latin. (On Vulteius see ADB 40, 391/2) The publisher Jean de Tournes of Lyon (Johannes Tornaesius) adopted this translation of 1548 for his editions of Aelianus. Remarkable about the edition of 1600 is that there are two versions. First there is a Greek/Latin edition (= GLN-4111): 'Aeliani Variae historiae libri XIIII. Rerumpublicarum descriptiones ex Heraclide. Cum Latina interpretatione Justi Vulterii Wetter. Editio postrema, multo quam antehac emendatior, (Genève), Apud Joannem Tornaesium, 1600, (16),461,(19) p. Then there is this edition. De Tournes published in 1600 also a Latin translation only edition of the 'Variae Historiae'. The woodcut border of the titlepage of both editions is similar, its text differs of course. (See for the Greek/Latin edition of 1600, including a photograph of the title page, the site of 'GLN 15-16' at number GLN-4111) This Latin translation only of 1600 seems rather rare. It is not to be found in the usual works of reference, and not even in Cartier. In KVK (Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog), we found a few copies in Italian, Swiss, French and German libraries) (Collation: A - P-8) (Photographs on request)
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Keywords: (Oude Druk), (Rare Books), Greek literature, Griechische Literatur, Latin translation, Swiss imprints, Variae Historiae, anecdotes, antike altertum antiquity
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