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ANTONINUS LIBERALIS. ANTÔNINOU LIBERALIS METAMORPHÔSEÔN SUNAGÔGÊ. Antonini Liberalis Transformationum congeries, interprete Guilielmo Xylandro. Thomas Munckerus recensuit, & notas adjecit. Amsterdam (Amstelodami), Apud Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1676. 12mo. (XXXVI),339,(33) p., frontispiece. Overlapping vellum. 13 cm (Ref: Hoffmann 2,193; Willems 1894, Bergman 1894, Rahir 2565; Ebert 750: 'A new and good recension'; Graesse 1,154) (Details: 6 thongs laced through cover; edges dyed blue, woodcut printer's mark on title; Greek text with facing Latin translation; at the end of each chapter the commentary) (Condition: Frontispiece dustsoiled) (Note: Antoninus Liberalis was an ancient Greek grammarian/mythographer, probably of Antonine times (AD 100 and 200). His only surviving work, the 'Metamorphoseon synagoge', (collection of metamorphoses) survives in a single manuscript of the later ninth century, now in the Palatine Library in Heidelberg; it contains 41 briefly summarised tales about mythical metamorphoses effected by offended deities, unique in that they are couched in prose, not verse. Many of the transformations in this compilation are found nowhere else, and some may simply be inventions of Antoninus. The manner of the narrative is a laconic and conversational prose. (Source Wikipedia). The German philologist Wilhelm Xylander (Holzmann), 1532-1576, was professor of Greek at Heidelberg. He published the editio princeps of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (1558), and of Antoninus Liberalis in 1568. 'He made good use of the MSS accessible to him, and also gave proof of a singular acumen in the emendation of texts'. (Sandys 2,270). The Dutch schoolmaster Thomas Muncker, or Munckerus, was Rector of the Schola Latina of Delft from 1667 till 1680. Our edition of 1676 is the first edition with his notes. Saxe called him 'cathedra Academica dignissimus'. (Van der Aa, 12/2, 1148) He is best known for his edition of the 'Mythographi Latini', Amsterdam 1681. In the Mythographi Latini we find his portrait) (Collation: *12 2*6, A-P12 Q6) (Photographs on request)
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Keywords: (Oude Druk), (Rare Books), Altertumswissenschaft, Altphilologie, Antike, Antiquity, Greek literature, Griechische Literatur, Muncker, Munckerus, Munker, Munkerus, Mythologie, classical philology, mythology; Xylandrus
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