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BULWER LYTTON,E. De laatste dagen van Pompeji. Naar het Engelsch van E. Lytton Bulwer, schrijver van Eugenius Aram., Pelham, enz. Amsterdam, G.J.A. Beijerinck, 1835. 3 volumes: 289; 248; 249 p. Contemporary half cloth. 23 cm (Historical novel) (Details: All 3 title pages have the same engraving, designed by the Dutch artist Hendrik Breukelaar and executed by the engraver Philippus Velijn, who often worked together; depicted is a scene from the 9th chapter of the 3rd book, 'De spelonk der tooverheks', the meeting of Glaukus, Jone and a female slave with the witch in her cave; at her feet rest a fox and a viper) (Condition: Bindings slightly scuffed. Interior fine) (Note: The famous historical novel 'The Last Days of Pompeii' was first published in 1834. A Dutch translation followed soon. The name of the translator of the novel is however not known for the time being. The reviewer of this novel in the leading literary periodical of the time in the Netherlands, 'Vaderlandsche letteroefeningen' of 1836, does not mention his or her name. He recommends the novel to the educated reader, and shows admiration for the very successful translation. The fine style of it equals the original in his opinion. (Vaderlandsche letteroefeningen', Amsterdam 1836, p. 83/90)
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Keywords: (Oude Druk), (Rare Books), Altertum, Antike, Antiquity, Dutch imprints, Dutch translations, English literature, Pompeii, Pompeji, englische Literatur, historischer Roman
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