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EURIPIDES., Hippolutos. Theater de Korre, Brugge. Speelseizoen 1989-90. (Vertaling G. Ade; regie K. Woudstra (...) productie Theater de Korre, Kraanplein 7, 8000 Brugge. Brugge, 1989. 24 p. Wrappers 21 cm (Booklet published to accompany the staging of the play; 2 articles, on Euripides and the Hippolytus by F. Decreus, and the translator Georges Adé; does not include the text of the play)
Book number: 150502 Euro 13.00

Keywords: Greek literature, Griechische Literatur, Hippolutos, Hippolytos, Hippolytus, Tragödie, antike altertum antiquity, reception Nachleben, tragedy
€ 13,00


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