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APOLLODORUS ATHENIENSIS. Bibliothecae libri III, et fragmenta. Curis secundis illustravit C.G. HEYNE. Hildesheim, N.Y., Olms, 1972. LVI,468 p. Cl. 20 cm (Repr. Göttingen 1803; introd., text & commentary) (Heyne thoroughly revised and corrected his first edition and commentary, which was first published in 1782-1783. 'Heyne for the first time managed to purge the text from the many errors that had been brought in by Aegius (in the 'editio princeps' of 1555), (...). But his most important contribution is certainly his copious and still useful exegetical commentary'. (M. Huys, '125 years of scholarship of Apollodorus the Mythographer', in 'L'Antiquité Classique', 66 (1997), 1997, p. 321)
Book number: 108240 Euro 57.00

Keywords: Altertum, Altertumswissenschaft, Altphilologie, Antike, Antiquity, Greek literature, Greek mythology, Griechische Literatur, classical philology, griechische Mythologie
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