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APOLLONIUS RHODIUS. Argonautica, or the quest of Jason for the Golden Fleece, the epic poem first set down in the ancient Greek tongue by Apollonius of Rhodes in the third century B.C. together with the translation into English prose by Edward P. Coleridge; with a preface by Moses Hadas, illustrations by A. Tassos, and printed for the members of the Limited Editions Club by Aspioti-Elka Graphic Arts Company. Athens, Aspioti-Elka, 1957. XX,307 p., illustrations. Cloth. 33 cm (Rare. Number 1397 of 1500 copies printed. Greek text with parallel English translation. Including 'The Monthly Letter of the Limited Editions Club', March 1958, number 292, being a folder of 4 pages in which the story is retold, and something is told about the Greek publishers, Nina and Elako Eliopoulos) (Binding somewhat soiled) (Heavy book, may require extra shipping costs)
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Keywords: Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica, Greek literature, Griechische Literatur, Hellenistic poetry, Hellenistische Poesie, Jason, antike altertum antiquity, epic, epos
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