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THEOPHRASTUS, HERODAS, CEBES. The characters of Theophrastos, the Mimes of Herodas, the Tablet of Kebes. Translated with an introduction by R. THOMPSON CLARK. 31 full page illustrations from Francis Howell's edition of 1824. Lnd., N.Y., Routledge, Dutton, n.d. (ca. 1910) XXXI,159 p. Cl. 16 cm (All 31 plates have been removed)
Book number: 115306 Euro 9.00

Keywords: Altertum, Altertumswissenschaft, Altphilologie, Antike, Antiquity, Cebes, Cebetis Tabula, Characteres, Greek literature, Griechische Literatur, Herodas, Herondas, Kebes, Mimae, Theophrastos, Theophrastus, classical philology
€ 9,00


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