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TROMP MEESTERS,W. Tweemaal Aeneas. (Leiden, 1988). 72 p. Glued photocopy 30 cm (Scriptie in het kader van een hoofdvakstudie Latijn; examines the influence of Vergil on a novel of the Flemish author W. Spillebeen, 'Aeneas, of de levensreis van een man', Antwerpen, 1982. This novel describes in 12 chapters the last 12 hours of the hero Aeneas, during which he draws up the balance-sheet of his life)
Book number: 150893 Euro 9.00

Keywords: Aeneas, Aeneid, Aeneis, Nachleben, Rezeption, Vergil, Vergilius, antike altertum antiquity, historical novel, reception
€ 9,00


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