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VERGILIUS.- HAAR, D. VAN DER. Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis. Amsterdam, H.J. Paris, 1933. (VIII),200,(4 pages theses) p., 1 plate. Wrappers 24 cm (Dissertation UvA) (Richard Stanyhurst (1547-1618) was an Irish alchemist, translator, poet and historian. At Leiden he published in 1582, 'Thee First Foure Bookes of Virgil his Aeneis, translated into English heroical verse by Richard Stanyhurst, wyth oother poëtical divises theretoo annexed', (Leiden, 1582), which gave proof that classical rules of prosody could be successfully applied to English poetry. Only two copies of the original Leiden edition of Stanyhurst's translation of Virgil are known to be in existence. (Source Wikipedia) The dissertation contains an introduction of 50 page in English, the complete text of the edition of 1582 (p. 51/136), and notes, also in English (p. 139/194), appendixes and a bibliography)
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Keywords: Aeneas, Aeneid, Aeneis, English literature, Epik, Latin literature, Nachleben, Rezeption, Vergil, Vergilius, antike altertum antiquity, englische Literatur, epic, römische Literatur
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