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ANTHOLOGIA GRAECA. The Greek Anthology. (Volume I:) Hellenistic epigrams. Edited by A.S.F. Gow & D.L. Page. Cambridge, CUP, 1965. 2 volumes: L,264; V,719 p. Cloth. 24 cm (Colour of the back fading, some scratches on the backcover of the first and frontcover of the second volume) (Introduction, text and commentary)
Book number: 156710 Euro 320.00

Keywords: Altertumswissenschaft, Anthologia Graeca, Anthologie, Anthology, Antike, Antiquity, Dichtkunst, Dichtung, Greek literature, Greek poetry, Griechische Literatur, Palatina, ancient, classical philology, griechische Poesie
€ 320,00


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