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BAARDA,T. The Gospel quotations of Aphrahat the Persian Sage. I: Aphrahat's text of the fourth Gospel. Meppel, Krips, 1975. 2 volumes: XVI,520 p. Stiff wrappers. 24 cm (Dissertation, VU Amsterdam. The second volume contains an 'Appendix') (Wikipedia: Aphrahat (c. 280-c. 345, was a Syriac Christian author of the third century, who, living in the Sasanian Empire, composed a series of 23 homilies on points of Christian doctrine and practice. All his known works, the Demonstrations, come from later on in his life. He was an ascetic and may have been a bishop, and later Syriac tradition places him at the head of Mar Mattai monastery near Mosul in what is now Iraqi Kurdistan. He was a near contemporary to the slightly younger Ephrem the Syrian, but the latter lived within the sphere of the Roman Empire. Called the Persian Sage, Aphrahat witnesses to the concerns of the early church beyond the eastern boundaries of the Roman Empire)
Book number: 156981 Euro 35.00

Keywords: Altertum, Altertumswissenschaft, Altphilologie, Antike, Antiquity, Neues Testament, New Testament, Novum Testamentum, Persia, Persians, Sasaniden, Sasanides, Syrian, classical philology, early christian literature, early christianity, frühchristliche Literatur, frühes Christentum
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