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VIVES,J.L. De subventione pauperum, sive de humanis necessiatibus libri II. Introduction, critical edition, translation and notes. Edited by C. Matheeussen and C. Fantazzi. With the assistance of J. de Landtsheer. Leiden, Boston, Brill, 2002. XL,176 p. Hardbound. 24.5 cm (Selected works of J.L. Vives, 4) (Introduction, Latin text with facing-page English translation, with notes) (A treatise on social justice, first published in 1526!) (See Wikipedia: 'During the Middle Ages, poor relief was usually the responsibility of the Church and individuals through almsgiving. As society became more advanced, these efforts became inadequate. In 1525, the Dutch city of Bruges requested Vives to suggest means to address the issue of relief for the poor. He set out his views in his essay De Subventione Pauperum Sive de Humanis Necessitatibus (On Assistance To The Poor). Vives argued that the state had a responsibility to provide some level of financial relief for the poor, as well as craft training for the unskilled poor. The city of Bruges did not implement Vives's suggestions until 1557, but his proposals influenced social relief legislation enacted in England and the German Empire during the 1530s')
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Keywords: Bruges, Brugge, Flandern, Flanders, Humanismus, Low Countries, Neolatin, Neulatein, Renaissance, Sozialhilfe, Sozialwissenschaften, antike altertum antiquity, humanism, neolatin literature, neulateinische Literatur, social history
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